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Future Scenarios

Scientific Processes


I am a Berlin-based designer, researcher and knowledge worker with focus on speculative illustrations, visual processes and ideation methods. I simply enjoy it to turn my hand to interdisciplinary and human-centered projects. I'm interested in shaping the future, transformation design, enabling urban spaces and new laboratories concepts.


Field of Illustration: Speculative Future Scenarios and Objects, Visual Leitmotif, Ideation Toolkits, Processdesign, Visual Mapping, Personas, Enabling Spaces, Drawing Dialogues, Graphic Recording, Scribbles

2017: Cover Design: Publication: Iterations; Issue 5; www.iterations.ie; related to the Project Shaping Future 2053 2017: Workshop: re:publica; ReDo Futures - Transformation of dystopias into desirable futures 2016 Processdesign: Publication: Rethink! Prototyping - Transdisciplinary Concepts of Prototyping; Article: Design Prototyping for Research Planning and Technological Development, Kora Kimpel; ISBN 978-3-319-24439-6 2015: Publication: Corporate Culture Matters - Alumni of Unitech International and their Workspace Preferences 2014: Publication: Discover Markets - Process Model for Systematic, User-centered Technology Developemnt Since 2014: Research assistant of illustration, design methods and explorative workshops at the Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation, Berlin 2014: Scholarship: Elsa-Neumann-Stipendium 2013: Meisterschülerjahr: Supervision by Prof. Nanne Meyer and Prof. Barbara Junge 2013: Exhibition: Sichtzone 2013: Benefits: Typisch Deutsch e.V.; Design Support of a multicultural society; www.typischdeutsch.de 2012: Publication: Digital Turn; Design in the Era of Interactive Technologies, Article: SPONT - Music from the Pants Pockets; An intuitive music appliance on a multi-touch table; Scheidegger & Spiess AG (Publisher); ISBN 978-3-906027-02-9; www.park-books.com 2011: Publication: GreenLab 1.0 – Labor of Sustainable Design; Article: Mahlzeit; A Physical Digital Installation; School of Art Weißensee (Publisher); ISBN 978-3-98 14373-2-4; www.kh-berlin.de 2011: Movie: Kopfnicker; Stopmotion; Innovation Academy: Great Graphics You Can Afford, UK; Sessions in co-operation with BBC 2011: Publication: Page; Article: multicult.fm. Interactive web concept about a radio city; www.page-online.de 2009: Movie: Kastraten; Stopmotion; Nomination by the International Music Video Festival Barcelona, Spain